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SCREENING CHEMIST (SRA 2, Non-Exempt) -  Job ID #: 9560  

UC Davis, Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory


The Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, is funded through a contract with the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) and horse wagering monies, and provides full-service drug testing and a pharmacology research and development program.

Under direction of the Lab Research Supervisor I, responsible for the performance of organic analysis for the determination of drugs and their metabolites in biological specimens using liquid chromatography mass spectrometry techniques. Responsible for participating in the update and development of analytical procedures, quality control procedures, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  


Budgeted Salary Range: Initial Placement will not exceed $28.05/Hour (Step 6.0) commensurate with experience.

To be considered for this position, you MUST submit an on-line application using this link before Posting Removal Date of 08/13/20:


If you are a current UC Davis employee interested in applying for this position please apply through your UC PATH Dashboard->Recruiting WorkCenter->UC DAVIS Campus Careers


If you are forwarding this to an external candidate they can find this posting under the following page:; browse jobs; under key words enter 9560.





-B.S degree in analytical chemistry or a related scientific discipline, and/or equivalent work experience related to performing techniques and procedures for analysis of biological samples as described in the Standard Operating Procedures in a laboratory environment.

-Proficiency in the operation of a wide range of computer-controlled analytical equipment including Liquid Chromatograph with a single quadrupole, triple quadrupole, or ion trap mass selection detector using ChemStation or Xcalibur software.

-Experience in sample preparation techniques such as liquid-liquid and solid phase extraction, sample fortification, and matrix matching.

-Skills in the operation and maintenance of a wide range of laboratory equipment used in sample preparation including mircoliter pipettes, pH meter, sonicator, evaporator, centrifuge, analytical balance, automated SPE instruments, and analytical instruments.

-Experience preparing analytical reagents, solutions, controls and standards. -Skills to perform mathematical calculations, knowledge of statistical analysis and organizational skills to schedule work activities.

-Knowledge of and skills to follow safe working practices including handling/disposing of hazardous materials.  



-Experience working in a high throughput and highly regulated diagnostic environment; which adheres to ISO, AAVLD, or other laboratory accreditation standards, including expertise following complex protocols, producing neat, accurate, complete records, within in a strict quality assurance and control environment for assuring test accuracy in a diagnostic lab.

-Familiarity with literature sources of analytical procedures.

Location: Davis, Californiat


Post Date: 8/3/2020 12:00:00 AM
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