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Sangamo Therapeutics Nonclinical Project Manager 
Janssen Senior Scientist In Vitro ADME, R&D - San Diego, CA
Frontage Laboratories Quality Assurance Manager, Bio/GLP  
Frontage Laboratories Director, Small Molecule, BioAnalytical   
Frontage Laboratories Director, PK/ADA, Biologics  
Olema Oncology Bioanalytical Scientist/Senior Scientist, Nonclinical Development
PTC Therapeutics BS/MS Research Associate- Bioanalytical
Evotec Senior Scientist - ADME
Evotec Research Associate/Assistant (Toxicology)
Evotec Senior Scientist (Toxicology)
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Alturas Analytics, Inc. Expert GLP & non-GLP LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS bioanalytical & PK/TK analysis services of small & large molecules in any matrix. Discovery through phase IV.
Hypha Discovery Ltd. Synthesis, purification & NMR characterization of drug metabolites at mg-g scale with COAs, including CYP/AOX/FMO metabolites, glucuronides & sulfates
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